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Pilot Brands

It matters what is on your center of the plate…..Pilot Brands has been an exceptional source for high quality grass fed lamb and beef since 1988.  Located in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, their philosophy is about the quality in grass-fed meat that you can see, taste, and trust.  The focus at Pilot brands is on the details that matter in delivering well-crafted, delicious grass-fed lamb and beef of the quality you demand and expect.

Pilot Brands is much more than a name.   Farmers, processors and distributors are brought together, all with the same philosophy, so that products can be delivered with exacting attention to detail, service and quality.  The building block of their exceptional meats are simple but critical:  fresh air, pure water, and warm sun on abundant green grass.   Grass fed lamb and cattle are never confined in lots and always free-ranging on pasture.   Livestock graze freely year round with farming families that take great pride in their traditions of raising grass-fed lamb and beef.

Carefully selected free-range lamb is trimmed with an unmatched attention to detail.  The product is aged and then quick-frozen to seal in its natural juices.  Pilot Brand lamb has a delicate, mild flavor that exemplifies the best qualities of grass-fed lamb.

If you have never tried grass–fed beef, you will be pleasantly surprised as Pilot only selects the best grass-fed cattle to produce a tender, juicy and perfectly marbled product.  The 100% grass-fed beef has never been treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Pilot has been a supplier of quality products to Merchants for many years.  We trust Pilot to deliver consistent, high quality products each and every time to us and then to you our customers.  To find out more information, visit their website at   To find out specific products available from your Merchants supplier, contact your Sales Associate.

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