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Vie de France Yamazaki, Inc., is the nation’s premier baker of authentic French bakery products. In 1971, driven by the need for quality European breads in America, the company’s founders consulted master French bakers, created their own proprietary flour recipe and imported bricks to build ovens that exactly recreate the ovens in French kitchens that produce authentic French breads with the perfect golden color, perfectly crisp crust and inner texture. Over the decades, Vie de France has evolved into the nation’s premier baker of authentic French bakery products including European cakes and pastries. In 1991, Vie de France joined the largest baking company in Japan and the world, the Yamazaki Baking Co., LTD.

Vie De France has a commitment to provide the highest quality products for their customers. To continue to achieve this goal, they have started the Clean Label Initiative which reduces or eliminates artificial ingredients in their products over the next year. Many products are now completely free of undesirable ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, azodicarbonamide (ADA), partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), preservatives and other ingredients.

Merchants Market stocks croissants, Milano sub rolls, dinner and sandwich rolls, baquettes, and batards.  Additional items, such as top of the line cookie dough, are available as a special order. See your local Sales Associate for product information and pricing. Remember…Vie de France – when it needs to be perfect!

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