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Two great family-owned businesses, Holten Meats and Rochester Meat Company, merged in 2013 to combine their strengths as Branding Iron Holdings. Their reputations, equipment, teams, processes and long history of solutions has allowed them to “hit the ground running in every way.” But the unified “customer-centric “philosophy is really what makes this marriage work well. Their commitment is to YOU, the customer, pledging to go beyond in the areas of food safety, and research & development.

Quality and food safety are of utmost importance for Branding Iron Holdings. All three of their production sites maintain the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Food Safety and Quality Certification.   The company also has continued their efforts to process the safest high-quality ground meat products available by implementing a bacterial reduction system, the Ozonation Bacterial Reduction Program, for value-added ground meat products.

Merchants Export has partnered with this company for years and brought many of their products to the Caribbean market through our distributors. We currently carry the Thick N Juicy and Double Red Provisions brands, products that deliver exceptional quality.  The Thick N Juicy burgers are made with the distinguished Certified Angus Beef Brand for a rich and mouthwatering taste every time.  Merchants also carries the USDA Choice Flat Iron Steaks under the Double Red Provisions brand. This steak is a low-cost premium steak that maintains excellent quality and juiciness.

For a complete list of the products we carry and to learn more about the high-quality beef products purchased from Branding Iron Holdings, contact your local Merchants Market Sales Associate. Don’t settle for less. Your customers will notice the difference.

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