Distribution Centers

Distribution centers in North America and the Caribbean
Thousand square feet of warehouse space
Caribbean Islands serviced by Merchants Market

Food transcends borders, and so does the team at Merchants Market. It’s our mission to bring the best in exportation and foodservice distribution from around the world to you. With groups dedicated to helping you find both the best ingredients and the equipment for cooking them, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Our infrastructure is unrivaled. Each warehouse location boasts multi-temp storage, refrigerated loading docks, and refrigerated trucks ensuring our customers receive fresh, high-quality products on every delivery.

Merchants Market Group and Merchants Export

The Florida 100,000+ sqft facility located at the Port of Palm Beach serves as the procurement and consolidation facility, supplying our direct ship customers as well as our island distributors. This facility includes 40,000 sqft of ambient space and 60,000 sqft of refrigerated and frozen space. Due to our unique location and exemption from Department of Transportation weight restrictions, you have the opportunity to add last-minute products without compromising delivery time.

Merchants Market St. Thomas

Every great meal begins with a great set of ingredients. Merchants Market St. Thomas has been servicing our customers here for over 50 years! This 40,000 sqft refrigerated-warehouse services restaurants, hotels, resorts, and caterers of all sizes.  Fresh and compelling flavors are what diners remember – and the reasons they return. Customers throughout the Caribbean trust our Merchants Market St. Thomas to provide fresh foods, quality ingredients, and specialty products alike!

Merchants Market Anguilla

Merchants Market’s Anguilla warehouse is 15,000 sqft of refrigerated, high-quality food. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, it supplies a variety of fresh, dry, and frozen products, disposable items, cleaning products, and kitchen equipment.

Merchants Market St. Croix

With a 20,000 sqft refrigerated warehouse, Merchants Market St. Croix is a premier foodservice distributor in the Caribbean. This location has everything your business needs and more! Shop our diverse inventory and find out how you can decrease food and labor costs while increasing product quality. The right equipment and supplies can make all the difference.

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