Merchants offers over 10,000 foodservice SKU’s including a wide variety of frozen and chill products, dry groceries, disposable items, cleaning products, small wares and equipment. Merchants sells many premium foodservice and trusted brands. We are a member of the UniPro buying group which allows us to provide competitive pricing and quality products to our customers. In addition, our membership in NESA (National Equipment and Supply Association) provides our customers the opportunity to purchase merchandise from leading manufacturers of equipment and supplies.

Our procurement staff are experts in their respective product lines. We offer a wide variety of products, each of which can help you run a simpler and smoother food service operation. Products are chosen that meet the customer’s needs and quality specifications so you can achieve maximum profitability.



As a licensed Certified Angus Beef Distributor, we are proud to offer the finest quality beef products. Our lineup includes boxed beef, cut and portioned steaks of all grades and sizes, ground beef, roasts, and burgers. Value added products are also available, including meatballs, sliced and cubed meats for stewing, Philly cheese steaks, breaded beef portions, and many others. In the pork category we have a wide selection of pork loins, ribs, roasts, butts, cut pork chops, hams, bacon, sausage, and many other pork products. In the lamb category we offer lamb shanks, racks, loin, burgers and gyros. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the beef, pork and lamb products needed to enhance your menu offerings.



Please explore our wide variety of poultry products, where we provide consistent and reliable quality products to meet your needs. Our chicken offerings include whole, breasts, thighs, wings, tenderloins, and further process chicken products. We offer the various cuts fresh, frozen, raw, cooked, bone-in or boneless, skin-on or skinless, breaded, oven roasted, and flavored. Our Turkey products include whole, raw or cooked breasts, and parts such as legs, wings, and thighs. The duck category includes bacon, breast, legs, fat and foie gras.


Merchants offers a wide variety of seafood products. We provide consistent and reliable products where you can choose from a large selection of sizes, cuts, and grades of fillets and portions of many species, including mahi, tuna, tilapia, salmon, snapper, grouper, wahoo and kingfish. Our excellent quality shellfish include frozen lobster tails, crab legs, scallops, mussels, clams, oysters and conch. Specialty seafood items include crab, lobster,and imitation crab meat, as well as squid, calamari and herring. We have an extensive selection of shrimp products to satisfy all of your needs. All sizes, raw and cooked, tail on or off, peeled and deveined, tiger or white, and E-Z peel products, as well as value added breaded and flavored items are readily available.


Merchants Market offers an extensive line of dairy products for all of your needs. We carry a full assortment of both fresh milks and extended shelf life fluids. Our cheese selection will satisfy every application, whether it be in loaves, slices, or shreds. Specialty cheeses are not a problem, as we can supply imported products and the best domestic cheeses for everything from cheeseburgers to cheese pairings. All cultured products are readily available as well, such as sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurts. Our refrigerated products consist of all types of juices, smoothies, prepared hummus, pesto, guacamole and dips.


At Merchants Market we have partnered with growers and shippers from around the world. These partnerships allow us to bring you the freshest product available at competitive pricing. We carry a complete line of produce from leaf items and citrus to hard items and specialties. We purchase locally grown products as often as possible including edible flowers and micro-greens. Our multi-temperature refrigerated warehouses, trucks and handling procedures ensure that the cold chain is never broken, guaranteeing our customers the finest product possible.


Enjoy year round availability of our Marquis brand of grade A frozen vegetables, including broccoli, cob and cut corn, French and regular cut green beans, peas, mixed vegetables, and premium California, Caribbean, and Italian blends, plus much more. Frozen fruits are available in a variety of pack sizes include sliced and whole strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pineapple, mango, and raspberry. Our prepared frozen food consists of all types of french fries, hash browns, frozen juices and drink mixes, pastas, prepared frozen entrees, desserts and breads.


With several different price points on hundreds of products, your Merchants Market sales rep can help you fulfill your bakery needs while staying within your budget. We offer an extensive assortment of finished, par-baked, artisan and dough products including bagels, biscuits, danish, rolls, flatbreads, buns, muffins, pizza crust and much more. To satisfy all of your baking needs, we have an extensive offering of baking ingredients (cocoa, baking powder, soda, starches, flavor extracts, etc), cake and frosting mixes, an assortment of flours, spice’s, sugars, pie and pastry shells, purees and many other products needed to prepare your pastry chef’s delectable desserts.

If pre-made desserts or doughs are needed, we have many options to fit your needs and budget including dessert bars, brownies, cheesecakes, gourmet, specialty and traditional cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, tiramisu and tortes, just to name a few.


Our dry grocery products boasts over 5,000 SKU’s including canned fruits and vegetables, condiments, spices, seasonings, grains, pastas, sauces, specialty chocolates, salad dressings, flavored syrups, toppings, dried fruits and nuts, snack foods, soups and bases, and the highest quality coffee in the islands. Our commitment to quality products is evidenced in our line of nationally recognized, trusted brands including Ken’s, Heinz, Royal Cup, Paris Gourmet, Albert Uster and Roland.


We are a member of the Unipro Food Buying Group equipment side known as NESA which provides us the ability to provide recognized name brand smallware products for our customers. We sell a complete line of products from tabletop items such as flatware and china to banquet and buffet serving items, bar needs including blenders and specialty tools, and a wide range of kitchen utensils, storage containers, and small appliances such as tabletop fryers, small stand mixers and many other useful items. Please contact your sales representative for a quote on anything you may need to stock your kitchen, buffet line, or tabletop.

Merchants offers foam, plastic, & paper disposables for restaurants, bars, hotel and all of your catering needs. If green is where you want to be, we can offer eco-friendly or compostable products such as plates, cups, and take out containers. We are aware that sanitation and food safety is very important to our customers. Because of this, we offer a wide variety of gloves, labels and day dot stickers to help handle/manage food safely.

With cleanliness being of utmost importance, keep your facilities in top notch shape with janitorial supplies. We have liners, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, hand soap/sanitizers, soap/sanitizer dispensers and more to keep things sanitary!

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