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So, this month’s Product of the Month is not one product but a host of products…. produce. In January, Merchants Export purchased a major produce house out of Miami Florida.   Acquiring this company catapulted the company to a whole new level of providing fresh produce to our customers. Our product selection exploded as we now offer over 700 different products in various pack sizes including retail pack.

Our warehouse underwent renovations building 5 separate chill areas in varying temperature zones to allow the products to be received and stored to achieve maximum shelf life. Note to self: not all fruits and vegetables should be stored at 34-36 degrees for optimum freshness and life. Southern vegetables such as eggplant, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini should be stored between 43-45 degrees while pineapple and limes, for example, should be stored at 45-48 degrees. Also, because some products such as apples, limes and onions emit gases, they shouldn’t be stored next to various produce items such as leaf items, berries and plantains. In addition, coolers should be equipped with ethylene filters.

Our Procurement team in Florida are experts in produce with over 50 years of experience. Our Sales Associates have benefitted from the knowledge of our Procurement team so they can best educate and serve you our customers. Invite them into your cooler. Maybe you are not getting as much shelf life out of herbs, citrus items, and leaf items and want to know why. Our Sales Associates can help you organize your cooler so that product shelf life can be maximized. In addition, ask them about smaller pack sizes or our aggressive pricing on kitchen “staples”.

Hundreds of SKU’s coupled with proper storage and shipping ensure a quality product to our customers.   Merchants is more than just a food distributor. WE are problem solvers. Got a problem and need a solution…. call your local Merchants Sales Associate.

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