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Silver Fern

There has been much discussion over the past decade regarding grain vs. grass-fed beef. Forbes reports that the “demand for grass-fed beef has grown at an annual rate of 25-30 percent for the past decade at the same time that per capita beef consumption for traditional beef products continues to decline.” Increasing in popularity, Merchants had a mission to find the best tasting, consistently superb, bold and beefy grass-fed products for our customers. Silver Fern Farms met that criteria. Purchased from Marx Imports, Silver Fern Farms provides 100% 365 days/year pasture raised free range Black Angus beef from New Zealand.

Whereas grain-finishing became popular in the American beef industry in the 1940’s, New Zealand “grass” has always been far more economical in raising cattle. “It just grows, and on those pastures graze the world’s best grass-fed beef.”   The New Zealand climate is ideal for year-round grazing with temperature ranges from 50 degrees to 60.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The abundance of sunshine coupled with the correct amount of rainfall, produces ideal grazing pastures.

New Zealand family farms, some for eight generations, are the experts on raising cattle on grass. They have improved their knowledge of soil, grass cultivation, herd breeding genetics all to make their beef taste better with a darker, richer color. Consistent quality cattle produced all year is then consistently cut to produce top quality beef products every time.

Other important facts regarding the Silver Fern Brand are:

  • No hormone or antibiotic growth promotants
  • Use of GMO’s is illegal in New Zealand
  • Certified Halal
  • Lower in Saturated Fat

Merchants Market carries a line of Silver Fern Farms products including the following cuts: Flap Meat, Ribeye Roll, Tenderloin, Sirloin Flap Steak in 6z, 8z and 10z portions, 14z Ribeye Steak, 14z Strip Steak, and 6z and 8z Tenderloin Steak. Some of these products are stocked and some can easily be special ordered.

Stand out from your competition and put these top-quality products on your menu or specials board. Contact your Merchants Sales Associate for more details.



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