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Flat Iron Steaks

Looking for a steak that will provide a consistent, delicious menu item at a great price?  Try the USDA Choice 8Z Flat Iron Steaks (product code 0644120; pack size 20/8z). This product is a terrific choice for operators looking for a lower cost, premium steak that maintains its quality, juiciness and taste. These delicious steaks are individually quick frozen and vacuumed sealed for easy handling and guaranteed freshness. The product is cut with automatic portioning equipment which guarantees consistent size and an exact portion with NO waste so you can price the entrée accurately. The steaks are aged and seasoned for a consistent flavor and tenderness and can be grilled, cooked in a skillet, or broiled. Applications for this product are endless… steak sandwiches; sliced for salads, stir fries, fajitas, or kabobs; or as a center of the plate dinner entrée.  Ask your Sales Associate for more information and ask about introductory pricing that is available for the next few weeks.

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