Working With Logistics: How to Make Them Work For You

Food distribution, like any part of managing a business, can become a logistical nightmare without the proper foresight and planning. When you run a restaurant or hotel in the Caribbean islands, you need a guarantee that food products delivered to your business will arrive on time and exactly as you ordered them. So how do you avoid the headache of something going terribly wrong? We’ll help you out with the logistical end of food distribution by introducing you to a few pointers below.

Identify What You Need and When You Need It

The logistical component of getting food delivered to your establishment becomes much clearer when you can concisely pinpoint exactly what products you need and when you will need them. Furthermore, you need to identify the quantity of each product and how frequently you will need new inventory shipped to your restaurant, hotel, cafe, or other dining establishments.

If working with a food distributor is a brand-new experience for you and you’ve just opened an eatery, it will take time to determine how much of something you need and how often you need it. As best you can, attempt to estimate how many customers you will serve on any given day, week, and month. From there, you can begin to quantify how much product you need. Getting these basic calculations down will make the logistics of getting your food distributed to you so much easier. Plus, you won’t end up with less product than you need or end up letting food (and money) go to waste because you ordered too much.

No place of business, whether it’s located on a Caribbean island or not, is immune to the impact of weather. A harsh rainstorm in the sea or a hurricane could stall food distribution. Identify any potential pitfalls as early as possible to ensure the distribution of goods to your place of business is as seamless as it can be. Work with your food distributor to identify any possible setbacks or delays. Ask them for their input, and more importantly, ask them what they can do in the face of an obstacle to ensure it does not get in the way of having your product delivered to you on time.

Know All Your Options

When working with a food distributor, you want to be partnered with one that has your best interest in mind. And part of having your best interest in mind is being able to provide you with a multitude of options when you need them. For example, Merchant Market is able to provide clients with last-minute loading if needed. This is due to our D.O.T. weight restrictions exemption because we are located within the Port of Palm Beach.  We also provide several different services, including 3PL, Cross Dock, Storage, LCL, and FCL.

Have any questions about food distribution on the islands? Are you currently in the market for a distributor? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Merchant Market!

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