6 Essential Product Categories your Restaurant Supplier Must Carry

In most types of business, everything that your customers consume and employees use comes from elsewhere unless you are building your own equipment or creating a menu with items that you grow yourself.  Therefore, suppliers will always be an integral part of your operations.  A restaurant supplier in Antigua & Barbuda should be a broad line distributor to meet all of your needs from consumable to non-consumable products to help operate your restaurant.   The quality of supplies and reputation of the suppliers can make or break your business. Compromising quality will destroy your reputation and leave your customers looking for a better option.  In addition, overpriced supplies will ruin your budget even before you open the doors or while your doors are open.

Therefore, it is important that you find the right balance between affordability and quality – two elements that can prove crucial to your business’ success.  Here are 6 key product categories your restaurant supply company will need to carry in order for you to maximize your profitability.

#1. Meat Items such as Beef, Pork, Veal and Lamb

Reputation of the vendor and brand is critical to the quality of the product you will serve.  Utilizing a premier brand of meat such as Certified Angus Beef, assures your customers that you are preparing and serving only the finest quality beef products. You should also consider a restaurant supplier that offers value added products, such as breaded beef portions and marinated, sliced, and cubed meats, for example.  For ease of ordering, they also should carry all meat lines of products so you do not have to order from several restaurant supply companies.   Time is money.

#2. Poultry

In addition to meat products you will also need a consistent and reliable supply of quality poultry items such as chicken, duck, quail, and turkey.  Products offerings must include breasts, thighs, wings, tenderloins, and whole birds.  Again, quality and pricing are important factors when deciding on a restaurant supply company.  Product brands may also be important to the branding of YOUR establishment.

#3. Dairy and Produce

Dairy is another category you need to consider when looking for a supplier. You need one that offers an extensive line of dairy products that will suit your needs. For starters, go with a supplier whose cheese selection will satisfy each of your applications, be it loaves, shreds, or slices. If you require specialty cheeses, they should be able to supply both imported and domestic products. As for produce, a good restaurant supplier is one that has partnered with multiple growers and shippers, enabling you to obtain the freshest product available at competitive pricing.

#4. Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

It is important to be able to purchase certain fruits and vegetables year-round regardless of their growing season.  You will therefore need to have year-round availability of frozen fruits and vegetables.   A broadline restaurant supply company will be able to provide both fresh and frozen, not compromise on quality and be competitively priced.

#5. Dry Products

This product category is very extensive and will include packaged, canned, boxed, and bagged products in all product lines such as meats, poultry, vegetables, sauces, desserts, grains, dairy, etc.  As with other categories, bulk or wholesale pack size will be critical to cost effectiveness.

#6. Non-Foods/Disposables/Smallwares

Other extensive categories are non-foods, disposable and smallwares categories.  Products that should be included, but are not limited to, paper products (napkins, plates, toilet tissue, etc.), cleaning products, can liners, to-go container, cleaning supplies and smallwares, just to name a few.

Quality and pricing will need to be considered when choosing a restaurant supplier in the Caribbean and specifically Antigua and Barbuda as most everything will need to be brought on island.  Be sure to contact Merchants Market Group, a broadline distributor that offers a wide selection of Restaurant Supplies & Food Service items for distributors, Caribbean resorts, and hospitality businesses. For more information contact Merchants Market today to speak with one of our Sales Associates.

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