Don’t Hit Snooze – Wake Up The Menu With All-Day Breakfast

All-day breakfast continues to be a bright spot in foodservice, but can be dismissed by operators that don’t traditionally serve breakfast sandwiches in a QSR, drive-thru format. But, think again!

Eggs are a loved breakfast staple, and most often associated with breakfast. Most operators have this ingredient readily available, whether they serve breakfast or not.

For operators serving pizza, burgers, sandwiches, bowls, and even salad, eggs take the dish straight to breakfast for alignment with the trend, but also ensures the operator is staying true to what they do best.

And, what goes better with eggs than potatoes? When classic breakfast items meet traditional lunch or dinner foods, the results is a new and exciting meal!

eggs potatoes skilletFrom skillet builds for a shareable breakfast to egg-topped brunch burgers, potatoes and eggs are the perfect low-cost combination for versatile yet innovative twists on the trends. Sweet, salty, savory or spicy, building from eggs and potatoes are a surefire way to wake up your menu.

For more information on how to utilize potatoes all across the menu, visit Simplot’s website.

Source: JR Simplot Company

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