Looking for a Restaurant Equipment Supplier? – Here are some industry tidbits……

Looking for a Restaurant Equipment Supplier? – Here are some industry tidbits……

Restaurant equipment ranges from dining tables to commercial ovens as well as plates, pans, etc. With a wide range of choices, deciding what type of restaurant supply company to use in your business can be overwhelming for any restaurant owner. This article contains practical tidbits so you can choose wisely.

Dishes you use for your restaurant are different than what you use in your kitchen at home.

For one, restaurant dishes are more costly than kitchen dishes because they are designed to hold more food and withstand frequent use.

So do not be surprised if you have to invest

more than you expect. On the other hand, investing in a trusted brand will be more advantageous for your business in the long run.

Consider used kitchen equipment first before buying new.

We have this notion that buying something new means the product will last longer than buying something used.  That might have some truth to,

but it depends on how and where the product

was made and the brand. In addition, utilizing leased restaurant equipment can provide cost savings in the long run as you can update your

equipment more frequently and do not have the initial outlay of cash or a large loan payment.

Do your homework to determine whether new or used, and purchasing or leasing is better

for you and your business model. Remember that whether you choose new or used, choose brands that have been trusted in the industry.

Bars have their own special equipment.

The design and setup of the bar depend on how big your restaurant is. But no matter the size of the bar, the area has its own set of special equipment.

For example, some bars are not meant to serve patrons directly but only used as a place where the staff places drink orders for the customer.  

That area will require different equipment than a full service bar where the patrons actually sit at a counter/bar.

Linen selection requires a lot of thought.

To some business owners, the choice of linens (tablecloths and napkins)  might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of opening a restaurant. However, the linen selection greatly impacts the        look and ambiance of a restaurant. For example, crisply ironed tablecloths and starched napkins convey an elegant and upscale feel.   

Disposable tablecloths and rolls of paper towel on each table conveys a totally different type of atmosphere. Keep in mind the cost associated with reusable

table linens (laundering daily) vs. disposable (throw away) when choosing your selection to coordinate with the ambiance you wish to obtain.

Catering restaurant equipment can have a good ROI.

If you see the need in your market, investing in catering restaurant equipment can help boost your bottom line.   When determining whether to expand your business into catering,

be sure to include all costs associated with this expansion including the cost of restaurant equipment, labor, marketing, etc.  

Opening a restaurant requires a lot of planning. If you need help with opening a restaurant in the Caribbean, contact Merchants Market to assist with your restaurant supply needs.  

Be sure to visit www.merchantsmarket.com for more information.

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