Skinny Legs is located In the US Virgin Islands. Their open-air bar and grill is known for its laid-back ambiance, where you can mingle with the locals while enjoying seriously superb cuisine and drinks at reasonable pricing.

Doug Bean and his wife Jaime Elliott bought Skinny Legs on April Fool’s Day 2012. However, the pub had already been serving pleased patrons for over two decades at that point.

Doug “Dougie” Sica of New Jersey and Maurice “Moe” Chabuz of Massachusetts, the original Skinny Legs owners, founded the pub in May 1991 when there were only a few homes on the Coral Bay hillsides and a few boats in the harbor.

Skinny Legs continues to be a family-friendly, low-cost pub and grill where parents may relax with a refreshing beer while their children play in the backyard. Bands, regattas, fundraisers, horseshoe tournaments, and other events continue to take place, and we continue to provide Same Day Service.

Their burgers are legendary, and they’ve been named to Esquire Magazine’s Top 100 bars multiple times. However, they also offer delicious fish sandwiches, fresh salads, and more.

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