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royal cup iced coffee


It’s 88 degrees and sunny….who wouldn’t want a cold refreshing beverage??


Royal Cup French Roast Cold Brew!

The year 2015 was the year that Cold Brew Coffee came out of the proverbial swamp and started walking in the spotlight around America. Source after source called Cold Brew Coffee the next evolution in the world of coffee. While this trend has been growing rapidly the past few years in the coffee shop world, it is starting to seep into Food Service.

Iced Coffee sales have taken off during the past decade, but Cold Brew is sweeping the market with national chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts running with the craze.  For restaurant owners this new trend means a world of opportunity to capitalize on sales to your customers locally and those that come from across the globe.  What an amazing opportunity for Food Service providers everywhere to be on the cutting edge of product innovation.

So why is Cold Brew different from traditional Iced Coffee?  Every cup of Royal Cup French Roast Cold Brew starts with select 100% Arabic coffee beans grown high in the mountains of Central and South America.  After being dark roasted to absolute perfection, the beans are freshly ground and steeped in cold, triple filtered water for 20 hours.  WHY 20 Hours? Because the extra brewing time that comes with this hand crafted process produces a smoother, less acidic, more flavorful and full-bodied coffee that has hints of sweet caramel, pecans and a rich chocolate finish.  BEST enjoyed over ice, Cold Brew coffee is delicious when served both with and without your favorite cream.

Preparation couldn’t be easier: a simple 3-to 1 water to concentrate ratio.  Concentrate is bottled in a 64oz bottle with 4 bottles to a case.  If you need an urn for dispensing, a small counter slim-line urn is available as an easy solution to serving Cold Brew.

So I ask you ….are you missing out on beverage profits because you are NOT serving this product?  If you are new to cold brew coffee, we at Merchants can provide you with a top quality product from Royal Cup that can provide large profits for your food service establishment.  Call your Merchants Rep today for pricing and samples.


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