APRIL: It’s time for the WOW factor…..

Let’s talk about specialty meats and game meats. If you were not aware, Merchants has the availability of some pretty unique items. Many of the top chefs in the world seek out these items to use as a “WOW” factor on their menus. We are very fortunate to have partnered with one of the leading importers of these items and have had a lot of success with them across the Caribbean.

The first item I will discuss is our grass fed Angus beef. We have access to Silver Fern Farms beef out of New Zealand. It is 100% grass fed Angus which has a bold beef flavor and is lower in saturated fat than grain fed beef. It has a distinctive flavor that has become highly sought after and will impress the most discerning pallet. We have many cuts available including tenderloin, striploin, ribeye roll and flap meat. If you are looking to add a grass fed beef entrée to your menu, look no further, just call Merchants!

If you are a lamb lover, the Alpine Origin Merino Lamb is exceptional. It is a more marbled lamb than our regular New Zealand lamb and has a very mild flavor and it is very tender. Merino was always well known for the wool it produces, but in recent research comparing the eating attributes of various breeds of lamb, Merino scored the highest. Call your Merchants representative and inquire about Merino lamb today!

If it is game you are interested in, we carry everything from wild boar and alligator, to elk and venison. If you are interested in fowl, we have pheasant, quail, organic chicken, ostrich and emu. So as you can see, for all of your specialty needs it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local Merchants representative! Enjoy the ride and eat the unusual!

credit: Chip Welfeld

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