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MDS Foods Inc. began doing business in 2006 utilizing the over 20 years of experience of our Senior Staff members, who have worked for national manufacturers of natural cheeses. In the beginning, we operated only as a redistributor of cheeses to Retail supermarkets throughout the US. In 2008, we ventured into our own manufacturing facility in Tennessee, which recently has evolved into building a new, state of the art cheese packaging facility which was opened in September 2014.

Focusing on quality and customer service, MDS Foods Inc. is a premium cheese manufacturer and supplier of slices, shreds, chunks, cubes and loaves for supermarket delis and restaurants from coast to coast. Retail products under the Amish Classics brand are exclusive to the deli department and will differentiate your deli from the dairy case. Our Deli Made EZ line of shredded and sliced cheese offer performance oriented products for food service, and our Santino brand features slicing loaves for deli and premium shredded cheese for pizza.

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